Careers at Gelato

Norway-based on-demand print platform Gelato has raised $240m, pushing its valuation up to $1.05bn.

Gelato has built the world's largest and most global network for on-demand production of customized items e.g. t-shirts, wall art, mugs, books, hoodies, and cards. Fresh off a recent $240m funding round (pushing its valuation up to $1.05bn), Gelato supports a new wave of e-commerce entrepreneurs and the global shift towards local and more sustainable production.

We own no assets - we build the software that connects world-class production facilities all across the world. We have more than 100 production partners in 32 countries. In 72 hours we can reach more than 5 billion people with customized products in a smarter, faster, and greener way.

Gelato is changing the way that customized products can be produced on-demand. We are already empowering thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. With local production, and exact matching of supply and demand, there is no waste and carbon emissions are reduced. Together we can increase global GDP by effectively supporting local on-demand production.

Stats we are proud of

  • 67%

    The potential saving of carbon emissions per order

  • 85%

    Orders produced in the same country as they are delivered

  • 3445

    Average km saved in shipping distance with Gelato on demand

Behind the scenes