Careers at GET IT


Specializing in agricultural products GET IT increases farmer incomes while being the supplier of choice for restaurants and hotels in East Africa.


What can we offer Escapees?

GET IT is in the heart of Africa: Kigali, Rwanda. So from the minute you get off the plane, you’ll be immersed in African culture. Kigali is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and the opportunities here are endless.

With average temperatures are 25 C year round, and little humidity thanks to the high elevation (1,500 M), Kigali is a very livable city. Both the city and country are very safe, with a vibrant community. One is quite spoilt here, with lots of help for your home--housekeepers, gardeners, and cooks are de rigour.

Do note that it is a frontier market, meaning it’s not for folks who like a quick latte and a hot shower every day. Not only do we have power outages, the water does go out, especially in the dry season. Getting a good phone or Internet line can still be a challenge. Of course, these challenges become normal after awhile, so Kigali is a great place for someone who’s easily adaptable. 

It’s also a great place for those who want to innovate. The lack of infrastructure forces creativity, so if you’re looking to do stuff you can’t easily do in Europe, this is the place to be.


What is our culture like?

GET IT is a young and vibrant company-- so you’ll have full reign to take on a load of responsibility and shape who we are as a company.

We’re a dynamic team from across the world, with all ages, genders, and nearly all continents represented on our staff.

We don’t care about your work hours, or even when you’re in the office. We care that you get stuff done and make stuff happen.

Rwanda and Africa are full of adventures. So we have flexible vacation days, and a 3-day weekend on the last weekend of every month.

Mostly, we care that we love our work, and we like to work together. That work doesn’t prevent us from enjoying the rest of the wonders of our lives. And that when we go to sleep at night, we can whisper to ourselves, “yeah, that was a good day.”


Why are we exciting?

Africa is the final frontier for global brands. GET IT builds supply chains that transform the ability for international brands to scale throughout the continent.

We start with farmers. Our on-staff agronomists work with farmers to improve planing, reduce chemical use, and maximize profits. On average, a farmer improves his/her income three times when working with GET IT.

We innovate on the supply chain. With frequent power, water, phone, and Internet outages, maintaining food safety and cold products in the heart of Africa has until now proven nearly impossible. GET IT's specialty is products with the highest risk of foodborne illness: products that must remain cold.

GET IT uses off-grid cold storage and food processing technology to take the grid out of the equation. With fully off-grid facilities, GET IT working toward a totally petrol independent supply chain. Moreover, we're one of the first companies in East Africa to get ISO 22000 certification for fruit and vegetable distribution, with meat, dairy, fish, and frozen coming online in 2017.

And we provide unparalleled customer experience. In young economies, service suffers. We bring the best of international relationship management and branding to ensure each of our customers gets exactly what they need, when they need it.

Behind the scenes