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When it comes to running a business, often the hardest part is dealing with people. Recruiting and retaining staff, building successful teams and managing performance. Your workforce is probably one of your largest costs and, when working well is undoubtedly your biggest asset.

In business, your main focus is your product or your customer. As you come to recruit staff to your team, getting the paperwork and policies in place is relatively simple, but creating the right ethos and environment to attract and retain people can be problematic.

Recruiting staff costs on average £5,000 per person, and with around 25.7 million working days lost to ill health each year, the costs of running your team can quickly mount up. Even small businesses must invest in creating the right environment to attract, retain and develop their workforce.

I will work with you to design and develop your team, help you recruit the right people and ensure they stay with you. If absenteeism is a problem, we will work together to identify the causes and put in place measures to reduce this.

From time to time, individuals and teams may struggle with the impact of key events. This can include redundancies, major personnel changes and also serious illness or death of a team member. These events can have long lasting effects and therefore individuals may need additional support and help to adjust. My experience in working in areas undergoing major change and following bereavement will help the teams adjust and cope.

For you, moving into a leadership role can prove challenging. Managing teams and leading a business require different skills. I can help you develop your style to become a confident and successful leader able to take your business forward

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