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We are a specialised water development agency: Our vision is to help provide clean water for irrigation, improved food supply, and drinking, for small farmers, in Ethiopia. Our method is to achieve this by development of an AI system called WellMapr© to detect (shallow) groundwater, that we have been working on since January 2020. As of 2024 we are ready for a field development and testing phase. Our maps that relate mostly to shallow groundwater availability and help donors and development agencies to save money and reach more small farmers & their families in the greatest need, of which there are 47 million in Ethiopia. Why is this important: Ever tried to find your way in a foreign country without a map ? Did you ever need a sat-nav after dark ? What would happen if the BBC weather lady, or man, refused to show everyone a UK weather map, and told us to download the written report ? Aid donors and development agencies, the food and security decsion makers, have the unenviable task of trying to deliver aid, where it will make the most impact.  It's our job at Global MapAid, to do the survey work, to make the maps that show where water for small farmers could be sustainabvly sourced, and make the information easy-to-understand.

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