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Careers at Global Marketing Exchange

Global Marketing Exchange is a marketing apprenticeship program for the digital generation, helping young marketers enhance skills and develop careers by working, living and learning in some of the most exciting cities in the United States & UK.

We match participants with trainee opportunities at host organizations where they can add value, connect with industry leaders, gain precious international experience and accelerate their careers.

What can we offer Escapees? Our program provides:

*12-month work/training placement at a US- or UK-based company or agency *Stipend of $30,000, paid monthly (or UK equivalent) *J1 visa processing *Medical insurance coverage *Unlimited public transportation MetroCard *Personal industry mentor for program duration *Smart phone with appropriate domestic plan *Professional support throughout traineeship *Housing support for the first month of the program

Why is GME exciting?

Our programs provide a truly tailored experience for each participant. Selecting a small intake each year, we partner with each individual to understand their career aspirations, source the best work placement and match them with the most helpful mentor - giving the best chance to secure their ideal position upon program completion. The mentors are all senior marketing industry executives dedicating some of their time to help our trainees make the most of their experience.

What is our culture like?

Ginelle Appau, former GME/Vertic trainee, was hired by Vertic after her traineeship and spent a year working in their Copenhagen office before returning to NYC. In her words she explains why GME works so well...

"The GME experience so far has been nothing less than amazing. When applying for the program, I was keenly aware that we live in an increasingly global marketplace, in which many employers are looking for candidates with international experience.

Besides hopefully making me more attractive to prospective employees, working overseas has allowed me to broaden my knowledge, intercultural skills, and has challenged me to perform well in an unfamiliar environment. I feel very fortunate to have a placement that matches my career goals and personal interests so well.

Gaining work experience in a city renowned for producing fantastic marketing campaigns will hopefully give me a greater advantage when seeking roles in the future. Working abroad has also allowed me to build my network through attending social and professional events. If I could give one piece of advice to future GME trainees, I'd tell them to take advantage of every opportunity to meet new people and go to as many events as they can, both social and career-related, and they can't go wrong."

Check out the video or contact us to learn more...

Stats we are proud of

  • 25%

    Gain invaluable international work experience

  • 25%

    Grow your marketing skills and enhance your career

  • 25%

    Ongoing career advice and support throughout the program

  • 25%

    Industry mentor provides guidance and facilitates networking

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