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Good Innovation

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We are the Social Impact Innovation Consultancy and we exist to impact the lives of billions of people. To do this we find innovative solutions to the world’s most difficult social problems.

We do this through using insight, co-creation and rapid experimentation to make impact happen.

We create Impact Foundations - the right culture, strategy and skills to deliver sustainable, scalable impact. We create Impact Products, Programmes and Ventures through identifying and testing new ways to deliver purpose and profit. And we create Impact Collaborations by bringing partners together to solve social problems better.

People work with us as - we create impact that’s scalable and sustainable. We're always asking ‘how can this create impact, but also income?’ - we deliver impact fast, while minimising risk by turning strategy into action through small-scale experiments - we solve social problems bigger & better by creating smart partnerships that help our clients to go further, and make a bigger difference together

We believe It’s time to turn purpose into impact. To turn strategy into action. Because to create impact that’s felt tomorrow, we have to begin today.

Stats we are proud of

  • 100%

    of our work is focused on delivering positive impact

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