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We aim to foster a constructive conversation around frontier technologies and the ethical challenges that they regularly pose. Our efforts are led by a diverse group of distinguished experts in Europe — from futurists and professors to entrepreneurs and artists — who are collaborating to offer their insight, and to design projects to educate the general public. We believe that an open, proactive conversation about technology and ethics is vital to ensure the best future for society in the 21st century.

The Good Technology Collective is a crucial European forum for piloting and discussing the technology advances of the 21st century. Together with our expert leaders, we work to better educate society about data privacy, AI, algorithms, and other frontier technologies.

The Good Technology Collective (GTC) was founded in Berlin in 2017 by a group of technology entrepreneurs, journalists and technology enthusiasts, seeking to generate greater conversation around critical technology issues, and to better educate society about their responsible use and potential implications. Our Global Council serves as the guiding body of the Collective, and includes established figures with a background ranging from artificial intelligence and intelligent design to data privacy and surveillance, virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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