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GRAHAM'S was founded in 1820 and now has earned an unmatched reputation as the leading producer of premium Port wines.


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Graham's was founded in 1820 and now has accumulated unmatched experience as a producer of premium Ports. The company has been owned by just two families in its entire history; originally founded by the Graham's, it was acquired by the Symington family in 1970.

The Symingtons can trace their ancestors as Port producers back four generations to Andrew James Symington who came to Oporto in 1882, but back thirteen generations through their great grandmother, Beatrice Atkinson, to Walter Maynard who shipped 39 pipes of Port in 1652. A unique record in the history of Port.

Today five members of the Symington family work in the company, Paul, Johnny, Dominic, Rupert and Charles. The family personally manages all aspects of winemaking from the vineyard to the final bottling of the wine.

“Rating Portugal's producers of Port: Graham's 5 STAR***** (Outstanding)ќ
Robert Parker, Parker's Wine Buying Guide, Sixth Edition 2003

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