Careers at GrantTree

We are a bunch of government funding specialists helping the UK's most innovative companies access R&D tax credits and grants so we can create a future worth living for.

As a company, we do things differently. For one, we have complete transparency, including over salaries, and also including all financial information. That means you get to see the payroll as it goes out every month, the company accounts, and all the metrics for every department in the company. This is awesome if you want to really understand how the company works, and it can also be quite overwhelming since there is so much more information available than in most companies.

Then we don’t have people managers. There is no one in GrantTree who can order you to do something, or, conversely, tell you not to do something. 

Another way that we offer this unusual level of trust is that we offer flexible and remote working. Most companies will say they offer this, but then make you jump through hoops to prove that you really need it. With GrantTree, if you wake up one morning and realise you didn’t sleep well, so you need an extra couple hours of rest, so long as you don’t have any meetings scheduled in that time, you can go right ahead.

Why do we do things this way? Because we believe that when people are given the space to be responsible for themselves, to make their own decisions, to speak up for their truth, when that is combined with clear information and a compelling sense of purpose, people don’t just do good work – they flourish, they grow beyond their own expectations and become greater versions of themselves. And ultimately, a business is made of the people who work within it, so if you’re growing, the company grows too, even if that link is not always obvious.

Stats we are proud of

  • £104m

    in government funding raised

  • 37

    no. of staff (all of us) who can work remotely

Behind the scenes