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Careers at Gratitude Alliance

We are a for purpose community who cultivate gratitude through a practice of mindful giving that empowers vulnerable women and children around the world.

We offer Innovative, experiential workshops in the US and around the world which weave together the neurobiological science of trauma recovery and the art of healing through somatic practices, creative self-expression, mindfulness, and cultural healing traditions.

​Each workshop is thoughtfully designed and adapted to the local cultural context.

Topics Covered

  • What is trauma? 
  • The impact of trauma on children and adults
  • Fight-Flight-Freeze and the nervous system
  • Cycles of trauma and harm
  • Safety in trauma recovery
  • Resourcing
  • Somatic healing practices
  • Basic peer counseling
  • Resilience, post-traumatic growth, and reframing "the trauma story"
  • Sustainable self care

We also customize curricula to address specific needs identified by the local community, such as​:

  • healing from sexual abuse
  • healing from gender based violence
  • healing for orphans and vulnerable children
  • working through grief and loss

Our Life Skills and Leadership Development (LSLD) program provides a safe, structured space for youth ages 11 and up* to heal trauma and build resilience through a framework that develops the social, emotional, communication, and leadership skills needed to become the next generation of heart-centered changemakers.

In this culturally-adaptable, self-paced program, local mentors guide the youth through each module, creating strong foundations in self awareness and emotional management before moving on to more complex social and relationship skills. 

​In the last section, students expand their awareness outwards to their greater community and the world - contemplating challenges, applying leadership and decision-making models to solve problems, and developing goals and and action plans for the future.

Behind the scenes

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