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Great British Sauce Company

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At the Great British Sauce Company we're passionate about creating delicious, 

properly made sauces and condiments. All our sauces are packed with 

flavour and use the best ingredients we can find. In our kitchen we are inspired 

to create products that celebrate our British cosmopolitan culture and 

we promise that we will always make them here in Britain.

How it started...

It all started, for me, with the legendary chef Keith Floyd. TV and media 20 years ago brought a new enthusiasm for modern British cooking. British food was literally being reinvented, Indian and Asian restaurants were going upmarket and Pubs were going gastro. As a nation we began to think about food differently.

I started by making Tomato Sauce for family and friends. I made my sauces as a simple reaction to what was available on the Supermarket shelves. The big brand Ketchups were just too disappointing. My homemade sauce was delicious, full with flavour, simple with an elegant finish. It was exactly what the perfect chip needed.

The Great British Sauce Company...

Some said we were crazy, daring to start a condiments company in such a crowded market. We're a group of friends, all passionate foodies, driven by the same ambition to create properly made sauces and condiments, reflecting modern British flavours. All our sauces are made here in Britain with passion and care, each bottle tasting as good as the original homemade version.

Today the Great British Sauce Company is proud to offer an amazing range of British sauces.

I hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we enjoy making them.



Great British Sauce Co.

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