Green Banana Paper

Green Banana Paper

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Green Banana Paper is a waste-to-wealth company recycling harvested banana trees into handmade vegan wallets and paper products. We have been sustainably manufacturing banana fiber products since 2015. Our mission is to be a responsible economic development company consciously creating local employment, producing world-class products from agricultural waste, and helping to improve the livelihoods of people in disadvantaged communities.

We use banana fibers because there is an abundance of banana trees in Kosrae. However, unlike hardwood fruit-bearing trees, banana plants only fruit once in their lifetime. When the bananas are ripe, farmers must chop down the entire stem so that a younger offshoot can grow from the self-replicating stem. Usually these stems are left to decay in the jungle as a byproduct of the fruit harvest. However, this byproduct is gold to us. We bring the stems to our factory where we extract the fibers to make paper

Green Banana Paper now employs 25 local islanders and provides additional support to 100+ subsistence farmers.

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