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Green Energy Consulting is one of the UK’s leading independent commercial energy consultancy, specialising in the renewable electricity, gas and sustainability sector. We work closely with companies to provide complete carbon management solutions that secure the most competitive contracts with energy suppliers across the UK.

Our consultancy service involves assisting our clients with all energy issues from procurement through to implementing energy management and consumption reduction strategies.

This allows our clients to adopt the most sustainable approach to consuming energy, as such, improving their green credentials enabling them to deliver against their brand values, without the added cost.

We work with a range of clients from SME’s to large corporate and multi sites. With an extensive portfolio of over 8000 clients, we have worked with major brands including William Hill, Christian Dior, AOL and the Church of England.

Through our in-depth understanding of how the market works and how we can offer our clients the best solutions, we have access to the whole market (circa 24 suppliers) providing renewable sourced energy where possible, as well as offering carbon neutral gas, of which we are one of the very few consultancies to do so.

Our mission is to:

• Provide professional and impartial advice

• Allow access to bespoke services

• Deliver a significant reduction in energy expenditure

• Enable businesses to receive exemption from climate change levy charges

• Provide continued management support

• Enhance a company’s green credentials as well as increasing social, environmental & ethical


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