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Welcome to Green Motion car hire - the low cost and low CO2 car and van rental company.

Green Motion car and van rental offers its customers - both for leisure and business - the opportunity to enjoy great value vehicle rental, while helping to reduce the impact of global CO2 emissions associated with road travel.

Green Motion offers its car and van hire service in countries including Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Serbia, United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to offering low emission vehicles for hire, Green Motion also abides by its own all embracing environmental policy, ensuring our effects on the planet are kept to a minimum. At last, there is a choice to hire green vehicles from a green company.

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Additionally, Green Motion’s world leading and award winning car and van rental franchise system already operates in a number of worldwide destinations. They are currently expanding their unique low CO2 car and van hire franchise system via the method of Master Country Franchises and Master State Franchises (USA) throughout European, North America, South America and other worldwide destinations.

Green Motion offers a full support package with advice and guidance on all the key aspects of running a successful car and van rental business.

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