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Careers at Green Shoots Foundation

Green Shoots Foundation is a UK registered charity aiming to set up sustainable development in the developing world by implementing programmes combining microfinance with education and medical aid. Our valuesAs a charity, we are driven by some of the values shared by the philanthropic industry. But we also aim to manage our programmes on a best practice basis in order to achieve maximum impact and to deserve the trust of our donors and supporters.What can we offer Escapees?We are running a number of different programmes in different regions of the world (see chart). Thesecombine at least two development tools in order to have a more holistic approach to tackling poverty.For the time being, we are looking for HIV medical practitionersready to spend at least 3 months in Burma/Myanmar,Graduates and post-graduates for social innovation missions in the Philippines,City professionals for business development missions in the Philippines and in Cambodia andMotivated London-based volunteersfor a number of activities ranging from research, to fundraising and event organisation.Why are we exciting?Our approach is more holistic because we view poverty as a complex issue and, as such, it requires more complex solutions.Our approach is aiming to best practice project management because we believe that for-profit businesses do not have the exclusivity of efficiency.Our approach is based on sustainability, not because it is a trendy word but because we work on cost efficient long term solution together with fully empoweredlocal implementation partners.There are many more reasons, just find them out by contacting us :-)

Stats we are proud of

  • 5000

    young people in Cambodia trained in sustainable agriculture

  • 10

    doctors and nurses completing 5 month missions in Myanmar

  • 5

    fellowships awarded to doctors in Myanmar for UK experience

  • 3000

    USD saved by growing sustainable rice for Cambodian students

Behind the scenes