Careers at Guevara

We pay a fortune to insurers every year in case something bad happens. If everything turns out fine we just write the money off and accept it as the price of protection.

In Kibera Nairobi's largest slum they do things differently. Frustrated after a number of electrical fires burnt down their stores shopkeepers teamed up to protect and support each other. By everyone contributing some money each week they have the funds to get a shop back up and running when a fire hits. If nothing bad happens the cash is still there for when they need it. It's worked for generations. They call it a chama.

They work as a group to protect each other and not a penny is wasted. That sounded like a better system to us so that's what we've built.


About us

We are a young, tech-driven startup that is changing the insurance industry for good. Our engaging brand and disruptive people-to-people model is breathing new life into the dull, lifeless insurance sector. We allow groups of people to team up and protect each other, cutting out the middlemen and taking back control.

What can we offer Escapees?

What you can expect here: Playing chicken with some of the biggest finance companies in the world. Starting a full stack insurance company from scratch - this is not just a pretty UI layer. Being thrown in the deep end and learning an unimaginable amount with a whip smart team, If you're looking for a new laptop - keep moving sunshine ;)

Our tech stack: Angular, Sass, node.js, Heroku, Github, MySQL, Amazon RDS, Elasticsearch, HBase, Gulp, Karma/Protractor, Express, Bower, npm, require.js

Our marketing stack: Mixpanel, Mandrill, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Nanigans and a lot of hustle and hacking

Our insurance stack: we're plugging-in leading reinsurers, fronting partners, and claims-handling experts to underpin people-to-people insurance and have built our own big-data driven pricing algorithm to turn the market on it's head


Come join us at our WeWork offices on 22 Upper Ground, London SE1, UK for a ping-pong battle, an on-tap Meantime Lager or just to play fetch with Che, our data-dog.

What is our culture like?

Our people are the driving force behind everything. Taking on the insurance industry is no mean feat, so we’re only interested in finding the best people to fill each role. We’re not just looking for someone with the right skill set, we’re looking for someone that will make us raise our game, and inspire us to go to the next level. If you’re that person, and you share our vision, then we’re excited to meet you.

Behind the scenes