Careers at Gympass

Gympass was founded in June 2012 with the aim of improving people's lifestyles by providing flexible access to all sorts of physical activities. We sell multi-gym memberships and gym day passes to some of the world's largest organisations to offer their employees access to our gym network with the goal of promoting healthy living increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism at work. We have the worlds largest network of gyms and studios with more than 20000 gym partners. These locations offer more than 500 activities including weight lifting aerobic classes swimming fighting dance etc.

About us

Our belief: Everyone should have a healthy lifestyle and, via our digital platform, we give everyone the ability to do that. 

What we do: We have a network of over 20,000 Gyms in over 10 different countries and we sell this network in to our corporate clients to give their employees access to our network of gyms to create a healthier, more productive and more engaged workforce.

What is our culture like?

There are 3 core pillars of our culture:

1) We are results oriented: we set clear goals, track the metrics, and celebrate when we achieve them.

2) We have a meritocratic culture: those who deliver an exceptional performance are rewarded

3) We are easygoing: we praise an informal and relaxed working environment (for example: no dresscode)

Behind the scenes