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Our Focus and Purpose

Cognitive health issues, in a nutshell, destabilise lives. Our lives are built on countless intellectual, social and legal certitudes. Typically we take those for granted, until the day our cognitive function falters or permanently declines. As and when that happens, the rug is pulled out from under our feet, exposing us to a plethora of uncertainties.

At such times, we all desire a steady hand to guide us - a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional who understands what is going on and can clearly explain it; who is interested in the details while maintaining the overview; who answers questions compassionately without leaving out any hard truths; and who, crucially, always seeks solutions and ways forward.

In 2014 we founded Halcyon Doctors with the purpose of offering that steady hand. And with 88% of customers highly recommending us ever since, we seem to have struck the right chord.

Our Service

Concretely, Halcyon Doctors are a collective of exemplary consultant psychiatrists and other specialists:

  • operating across England and Wales;
  • offering both clinical and medico-legal services for people with cognitive health issues caused by dementia, depression, anxiety, stroke and numerous other conditions, and;
  • providing an exceptional service centred around a single and familiar point of contact, prompt domiciliary appointments, and reassuringly thorough assessments, reports and treatment plans.

Our Mission

We strive to be the steady hand for many many more people whilst raising the bar of cognitive healthcare in the UK.

Stats we are proud of

  • 2 wks

    Time referral to report (NHS memory clinic = 3-9 mos)

  • 3 hrs

    Time doctor spends on case (NHS = 15-45 mins)

  • 88%

    Promotors of our service

  • 0%

    Detractors of our service

Behind the scenes