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Our mission at Heart in Business Limited is “Growing people, Growing business to full potential for a better society”. Our dream is of companies where we have a purpose, companies that make a broader contribution to society and see the world beyond the next set of quarterly profits. Companies where we consider all our stakeholders – our employees, our community, our planet and of course, our shareholders. And where we know that this focus will still deliver very good returns for shareholders. 

Companies that care about the impact on people, whether those people work in our company, are customers or live in the community in which we operate. Companies that access the full Human Potential of their employees, where everyone is doing the job they love doing rather the one they are good at, a place where there is passion, self-leadership, authenticity, and love, where we are all making a difference, we are all heard and understood, we all hear and understand our colleagues.

Companies where there is heartfelt leadership, where we co-create plans and where wealth flows. Companies where people are themselves without fear of judgment or punishment.

Companies that care about our planet, that consider future generations, companies that take into account what we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren. This is our dream of how companies will thrive in the future, indeed some companies already are.

In fact at Heart in Business Limited, we believe this is the only way forward.

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