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We’re Honest Coffees, and it’s our mission to source the best Fairtrade coffee in the world and deliver it to our clients in a way that’s smooth, seamless and delightful.

All our coffee is sourced ethically, roasted locally and priced fairly. Both our suppliers and clients get a fair deal. And the coffee is really really good.

We’re not about high pressure sales, complicated contracts or confusing coffee jargon. We serve two types of clients: (1) small to medium-sized companies that want to provide coffee to their employees and clients, and (2) ethically-minded higher end pubs, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, etc. We also look after shared workspaces and other odd bits.

Our target clients are folks who really enjoy a good cup of coffee but probably don’t know what SCAA stands for and wouldn’t know a q-grader from a q-tip. We’re not about bombarding clients with pretentious coffee mumbo jumbo. We do all the hard work and just give our customers a great end product.

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