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Launched in 2013, Hotpod Yoga is Europe’s largest yoga business. Having grown to 50+ locations (across the UK and a handful of international markets) and built an audience of over 400,000 customers, the business is well-established, a clear market leader but still full of ambition and potential.

As a brand we believe that yoga has an unrivaled power to make people feel great. So we created Hotpod Yoga to take yoga to more people and places than ever before - taking it out of the niche it inhabits in so much of the world and into the lives of millions of people previously untouched by, or uninterested in yoga. Chiefly we do this through two key things:

The unique Hotpod Yoga experience – a distinctly modern take on an ancient practice, HPY is an immersive experience that turns up the dials on a typical yoga class – introducing heat, scent, music and atmospheric lighting. This unique take, underpinned by patented innovation, both draws in new audiences of yoga practitioners and unifies the network of studios around one powerful, differentiated consumer proposition. An empowered franchise network – the HPY franchising model is designed to transform yoga instructors into studio owners; trained and supported by Hotpod HQ, delivering consistent, proven best practice within an innovative, efficient and effective business ecosystem. The studios all have a local feel and a personal touch but are at the same time distinctly Hotpod.

Alongside the core franchise offering, we have 4 of our own sites in London, a Yoga Teacher Training business and an embryonic at-home, connected-wellbeing concept that we’re continuing to develop.

Our Mission & Vision

Aiming to destress the World through hot yoga

Stats we are proud of

  • 37o

    The perfect temperature for our yoga.

  • 10Kwh

    The tiny amount of energy our sessions use.

  • 20-26

    People can fit into our custom made yoga pods.

  • 150k+

    Happy customers

Behind the scenes

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Flexible working

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    Flex hours

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