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Hoxton Analytics is one of the most exciting AI startups in London. Since 2015, we’ve been at the cutting edge of tech, helping the largest property, retail and leisure operators understand their visitor behaviour whilst protecting privacy.

Now, we’re launching a completely new technology. It’s slicker and easier than anything else on the market and will give a variety of information ranging from entrance counts and external passing traffic to live occupancy within a site.

This is helping museums, leisure centres and retailers manage real-time occupancy levels, which is particularly important during the pandemic.

Our hope is that through this radical shift in affordability and accuracy, vastly more buildings will deploy such tools as standard. This will deliver not only operational improvements, but energy savings, too – after all, in a world where 39% of all carbon emissions come from construction and buildings, efficiencies are warmly welcome.

The team is dynamic, very welcoming and high-achieving. In general, we like our employees to be ambitious, capable and good people, but we're keen to develop and train them, too.

Sadly, we can't see each other as much as we'd like, given the current pandemic. However, our wework office is fun and we'll arrange some "in person" socials as soon as we are allowed! In the meantime, quizzes and remote drinks will have to do...

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