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Welcome to Huddle!

Our mission is to provide you with the cheapest inclusive bills package on the market, with both the best in customer service and value for money, whether you're a tenant, agent or landlord.

Setting up household bills like Gas, Electricity, Water, TV and the Internet when there are a number of people living together can be a nightmare to organise. We are here to take all of the pain and stress out of your bills! Huddle combines all your bills into one easy monthly payment for each housemate. You all pay an equal share directly to Huddle, so no more chasing your housemates for money every month.

The Benefits

One Easy Payment Per Month

All payments come out of each housemate's account separately, so no more arguments about who owes what. At the end of the year each housemate will receive a refund for any energy that has not been used.

Cheapest Inclusive Bills Provider

Our prices are much cheaper than our competitors, who often use hidden weekly admin charges, 'bill deposits' and reduced energy allowances to hide their true costs.

24/7 Access to Account Portal

As a customer you benefit from access to your own account portal which you can access any time. Here you can track your energy usage and see how much you could be saving.

Direct Overuse Notifications

We're constantly striving as a company to help you save money. One of the great ways we do this is to always keep you informed of your usage. We send notifications if you go over your allowance, and provide you with handy energy-saving tips.

Behind the scenes