Careers at Huel

Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Julian Hearn, Huel is a private company with approx. 30 employees, operating out of Aylesbury, Los Angeles and Berlin.

Huel is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, growing at over 200% per year. In less than 3 years, the company is now turning over ¬¨¬£15m and is expected to continue to grow at similar rates. Our range consists of Huel Powder and Huel Bars which we sell in the UK, North America and Europe. We have aggressive growth plans involving both new products and new markets.  

Huel provides complete food, simply delivered. It's completely balanced, providing you with all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, fibre and phytonutrients. Our mission is to make a nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment. We have sold over 8,000,000 meals to over 55 countries.

It’s not just about us, though. We’re delighted with what Huel has become and how it has helped people.

You can learn more about our brand and ethos from, @gethuel and our YouTube channel.

Behind the scenes

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