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The images we see are getting bigger and better every day. Bigger screens, larger TV's, higher resolution displays. We record high definition video with devices that fit in a shirt pocket and make movies at resolutions that far exceed film. To meet the requirements of HD, 4K, and beyond, superior optics have become critical as pixels get smaller and resolution gets higher

Hyperion's optical design philosophy has always been one of zero compromise and uncompromised image quality. High contrast, edge to edge sharp, and little to no chromatic aberration or distortion. And we do this with hyper aggressive schedules and at unprecedented price point. Boutique lens quality at consumer optics prices.

We have in house optical engineering, a vertically integrated facility for rapid prototyping, and a premier Tier 1 global supply chain for the production of OEM lens assemblies.

When a Hyperion lens is placed in service, many customers tell us it's the best image they have ever seen. And that only makes us want to do it again.

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