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IKAWA Coffee

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We are a fast growing London based start-up and inventors of the first digital micro coffee roasters; manufacturing and selling IKAWA roasters around the world.


About us

Our vision is to improve the value chain for smallholder producers and benefit global coffee industry and coffee drinkers by improving quality, and appreciation of excellent coffee.

The award winning IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster has been on the market for over three years and is rapidly gaining traction in the industry. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 we are developing the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster, and a range of green coffees for launch later this year.

The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster makes it easy to roast coffee perfectly and will provide the next level of connoisseurship to coffee lovers around the world, making coffee roasting at home accessible to people who have previously been intimidated by the complexity, and enable coffee geeks to further indulge their passion.

Join us and help deliver our vision, create a global brand, a meaningful community and a product people love.

See: www.ikawacoffee.com

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