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Impact Hub Madrid

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We are a global network made up of 100+ Impact Hubs worldwide, with 25,000+ people driving change - in 60+ countries across 5 continents. At Impact Hub, we are enabling inclusive and sustainable innovation at scale by connecting entrepreneurs and innovators to large organizations, cultural and public institutions.

Our world is facing complex challenges. Challenges that will only be tackled through collaboration. At Impact Hub, we make collaboration happen by designing impactful solutions, building business for good and (re)imagining the future. This is what our community of impact-driven entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and intrapreneurs does; taking action - today - to create a better tomorrow for people and planet.

We’ve been a catalyst for entrepreneurial action for 15+ years. All big ideas start small. In our case, it was in 2005, with one community, in one city. It was a space for anyone who had an idea for a better world to meet and collaborate - a place where ideas turned into impact. Today, from Kigali to São Paulo and from Taipei to Berlin, we provide access to spaces, resources, connections, knowledge, talent and investments to turn ideas into action. We believe that the time to act is now. And the way to act is together!

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