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impactRI Ltd have created QIARK, a collaborative business and social intelligence system, that helps make complex decisions simple.


QIARK is a collaborative decision-making system that can be used by companies, individuals and groups.

QIARK helps make complex decisions simple - enabling groups to provide detailed risk assessment; the evaluation and prioritising of new opportunities and planning; and new insights for research and development.

QIARK also accesses and identifies innovators, lateral thinkers, mavericks, super forecasters, intuitives and those who are objective, adaptive and open to change. QIARK also provides insights in natural language from your customers or users regarding your product or services - and produces their feedback in a significance scale.


impactRI is dedicated to the idea that we can now use technology to give everyone a voice, not just a vote.

We believe that it is possible for people to collaborate in ways that can outperform the most powerful computers, and do so in ways that harvests the full extent of human endeavour, for the common good of commerce and the people it serves.

We believe people can be properly rewarded for their time and effort, and even leverage their combined intelligences to bring new insights and opportunities for shared wealth and well-being.

To be sustainable, we need to act profitably; to be profitable, we need to act sustainably; and so we are also lending our efforts to the push for investment in environmental,social  and governance arenas.

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