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Impact Travel Group

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The Impact Travel Group collective utilizes education and travel to inspire inner transformation and create responsible global citizens poised to change the world. As a group we are able to pursue our mission of creating and providing transformative, purposeful travel experiences that are committed to cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. As a collective, our commitments are focused on People, Planet, Culture, and Traveller. We believe by changing individual lives and shaping attitudes through the power of travel, we can create global citizens that act as catalysts for real change.

Stats we are proud of

  • 2 million

    hours of volunteer service

  • 10,000

    people helped back to health via home based care

  • 12,000

    kg's of waste removed from the environment each year

  • 3,000

    children in school receiving additional support

Behind the scenes

Benefits & progressive ways of working

Flexible working

  • Remote working trips

    Remote working trips