Careers at Industry

Industry Dynamics is a business that specialises in bringing markets together. Whether at live summits, digital webinars or through our online networks, the value lies in the connections made and the intelligence shared.

We are a close knit team of product and market experts with genuine passion for and interest in the industries in which we operate.

An invaluable extended network of advisors, partners and friends sitting at key spots within industry provide us with a deep understanding of current trends and market movements.

It’s these movers, shakers, legends, thought leaders and best in class practitioners that make up our faculty and advisory boards.

We uncover the people, the ideas and the products that are driving markets.

We understand what makes industries tick – the underlying forces that build or endanger them.

We chart, predict and anticipate market changes.

We provide platforms to enable sharing of that intelligence.

We bring people together, digitally and in person, to build on each other’s ideas, to share experiences, to enhance careers, to be part of an industry community.

We match budget holders with challenges to suppliers with the right solutions.

We illuminate the dynamics of an industry. We connect people, ideas and markets so that industries are dynamic. We are Industry Dynamics.

Behind the scenes