Careers at Innermost

Innermost is a fast-growing young company that offers a modern approach to nutritional supplements.With uniquely crafted products we're reducing complexity andoffering a more holistic approach to people's nutritional needs.Furthermore we aim to challenge stereotypes and encourage people to live active healthier lives on their terms.


About us

How it all began
Every idea starts with a problem and ours was this: nutritional supplements are too often either weird and complex or simple and one-dimensional. The industry seems to struggle with low-sugar alternatives, unnecessary ingredients, confusing jargon and a focus on body-image rather than true health.

Started from the bottom
We thought nutrition should be straightforward and effective. So we started out by engaging with people, listening to what mattered to them and understanding their goals. We then challenged talented nutritionists to craft a unique tailored range of healthy products to help achieve them.

The sum of the parts
By breaking from tradition and developing our products in-house using evidence-based research, we’ve been able to craft a ground-breaking range of products, including vegan options, that contain balanced combinations of functional superfoods, antioxidants, protein and naturally nutritious ingredients that work together to give something greater than the sum of the parts.

Not all nutrition is created equal
Because each product is created from the ground up, they each contain the precise selection of ingredients you need with no artificial flavours, colours, fillers or GMO nasties and absolutely no mystery ingredients. Go ahead and take a closer look – we want you to. Furthermore, everything we make is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

It’s what’s inside that matters
Innermost represents a very modern nutrition brand with a focus on creating unique products and experiences for people to live bolder, brighter, more balanced lives. After all, it’s what’s inside that matters, right? #jointhecircle


Our values


Good nutrition should help in a straightforward and effective way (with no mumbo jumbo).

We craft each product from scratch to meet your goals. Every single ingredient is there because it matters. And if an ingredient doesn’t matter, we make sure it’s not there.


Original, unique and always manufactured to the highest quality.

We’d much rather have the best products than the most. That’s so we can give each of them the attention they require – it’s the small things that make a big difference.


Quality nutrition starts with quality ingredients and we search high and low for the very best: unadulterated, responsibly sourced, low-sugar and GMO-free. And we refuse to use artificial flavours, colours, fillers or excipients.

And. We. Always. Will.


It’s what’s inside that matters.

We create unique products and experiences for people to live bolder, brighter, more balanced lives while challenging the over-reliance on unnecessary ingredients or the focus on body-image above health.


Let’s do some good while we’re at it.

From our ingredients to our business and customers, we’re committed to being responsible, ethical and just generally nice people. We also believe that everyone has the right to good health, and we’re committed to playing a role to help.

Behind the scenes