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Invoice financing for UK and Estonian businesses. Get your 30 - 120 day invoices paid immediately.


About us

Helping businesses grow
We help businesses to get working capital from investors globally

Who are we?

We're a professional sports team. Not a middle school let-everybody-play football team, but a well functioning and driven group of professionals who have absolute focuse on common objectives. Similarly to professional athletes, we appreciate skill, learning, self motivation, collaboration, results and play in our daily duties.

What do we do?

Investly brings the financing for small businesses who seek to grow. We connect investors of all sizes with companies who need financing for working capital, expanding their business or even refinancing their loans. We're based in Tallinn and London with an international team from around the globe.

Who are we for?

Small companies who want to grow, but don't get access to financing.

Investors of all sizes, who want to earn competitive returns by supporting small businesses.

Behind the scenes