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The Human Microbiome Company.

Invivo is a healthcare company that specialises in the multiple human microbiomes. We have developed a range of host-microbiome tests from our CQC-certified laboratory in Bristol and a range of plant, nutrient and microorganism-based therapeutic supplements centred around host-microbiome interactions.

We respect that human health is indivisible from the communities of microorganisms that live within and outside of us. It is these ecosystems that shape our health. We consider our therapeutic tools to be leading the way in combating the rise of chronic disease and the reductionist approach to medicine.

However, we cannot talk with conviction about human health if we do not also consider our environment - the outer world that speaks to our inner world. Becoming B Corp has given us a foundation to support our mission by ensuring our business structure is sustainable and all stakeholders are considered in all business decisions. We are certified carbon neutral and have pledged to become Net Zero by 2025.

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Invivo Healthcare is a human microbiome company. They offer the latest advancements in bioscience, health diagnostics and therapeutics, while championing community, human ecology and business transparency. Employees rated Invivo as a great place to work, with many describing the workplace as unlike any other, forward thinking and living and breathing their B-Corp values throughout the whole organisation. Employee wellbeing and development are also paramount to Invivo.

Stats we are proud of

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    First and only B Corp certified bioscience company in U.K.

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    100% committed to being Carbon Neutral certified

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    More than 70% of our staff are female and 12 nationalities.

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    Living wage certified for all workers and contractors.

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