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To support, promote and protect the mental health of young people aged 15-25 with mental illness throughout England and Wales through mentorship, campaigning, education and advice. The UK is experiencing a crisis in the mental health of young people. The figures are shocking and each statistic hides the serious knock-on effect on families and friends. For young people in this country:

20% experience a diagnosable mental illness before the age of 25.

Just 25% of these young people say they are able to access the support they need

Hospital admission due to self-harm is increasingly common, with around 50,000 cases in a single year.

Tragically, suicide rates are increasing - the past 5 years saw 15% more cases than the previous five.  

This mental health pandemic in the 16-25-year-old age group is accelerating and we must do more to support young people living with mental illness. There is currently a gap in the ‘third-sector’ for a mental health charity focusing specifically with young people with moderate to severe mental illness. We believe IT’S OK is a desperately needed first step towards improving the statistics shown here.

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