Jamie's Farm

Jamie's Farm

Careers at Jamie's Farm

Jamie's Farm acts as a catalyst for change enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically socially and emotionally. We do this through a unique residential experience and rigorous follow-up programme combining family farming and therapy.

Jamie's Farm helps children to flourish at home, in education and in the community through an intensive week-long immersion in rural life. We provide young people with a unique combination of "family, farming and therapy" designed to offer each an opportunity for achievement, as well as a supportive family environment that encourages them to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Our skilled therapeutic approach includes one to one and group sessions to allow pupils to reflect on their lives on the farm and back home, in order to draw out tangible strategies for improvements to be realised when they return. By working with teachers and committing to follow up visits in school, we aim to make changes catalysed by Jamie's Farm last for the long term.

Behind the scenes