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How we make Kamm & Sons

Kamm & Sons is made in London, in a similar way to gin, but using 45 natural botanicals, including ginseng roots, freshly peeled grapefruit and Manuka honey.

The first part of the production process is to distill 41 of our botanicals in a traditional pot still. Our secret blend of botanicals (this is a family recipe, but click here to find out more) are left to macerate in pure grain alcohol inside the still over a weekend, then we heat this mixture until the alcohol boils (at 78.5 degrees). This encapsulates the aromas and character of the ingredients within the liquid and leaves us with a powerfully flavoured high-strength spirit.

The second part of the process gives the bitter-sweet character to Kamm & Sons. The remaining 4 botanicals (manuka honey, gentian, wormwood and annatto) are macerated in pure alcohol and left to ‘marry’ (imagine a big teapot filled with loose leaf tea). Once these have steeped for 4 weeks, we are left with a very intensely bitter, intensely coloured, honey-flavoured infusion.

Finally we blend these two elements together with a touch of sugar and water, bringing the strength down to 33% alcohol by volume. Each batch is tested by a tasting panel including the founder Alex Kammerling.

After the spirit has been approved, it is filtered to ensure its perfect golden clarity and bottled with the final touches being added by hand.

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