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The best ideas happen at the table... We're creating a communal eating culture that starts with our team and expands into our client network. Simple, healthy food, eaten together, made and delivered with integrity. At the heart of our Kitchen is the family meal, we eat together and it’s the product we deliver to others. Inclusive eating, is where new connections and ideas come from, when we eat together we eat more healthily. We deliver lunch to make eating well more convenient, to give people back their time during the day, so they can fit more into their day.Everything we do at Karma Cans is about creating a positive healthy eating culture that fosters friendship, great ideas and community. More than just providing salads, we’re getting people sitting down together, talking and sharing ideas. We think that this benefits office culture as well as employee health and wellbeing.Karma Cans is a healthy, seasonal and sustainable catering company that cycles delicious lunches around Central and East London. Founded in 2014 by sisters Eccie and Gini, they keep the menu exciting and fresh by changing it every week to reflect the time of year and what is in season. We make between 800 - 1000 meals a day and deliver everything by bike across the city.

Our Mission & Vision

We exist to spread healthy, sustainable food throughout the UK's capital!

Stats we are proud of

  • 1000

    We now deliver up to 1000 meals per day across London.

  • £5

    We started with just one customer, £5 and an idea

  • 5

    years of inspiration from London's diverse cuisine!

Behind the scenes

Team makeup

  • 20
  • 65
    % Female


  • The best food in town

    Lunch on us, every day, with the whole team

  • Money towards phone and travel

    We'll give you money towards your phone contract and travel

  • Free bike repairs

    We'll keep you rolling - for free, you can also usually borrow a bike or cargo bike if you need it

  • Warm atmosphere

    We're all about fun and inclusiveness - know you're coming to work in a friendly environment every day.

  • Jungle Office

    Awesome office and kitchen

  • Finish early on Fridays

    We want you to make the most of you're weekend

  • Your Project

    Got a project your passionate about? we'll give you the time and resources to make it real.

  • Regular salary reviews

    Regular salary reviews to ensure you are compensated for performance and contributions to the company.