Careers at KERB Food

We are a membership organisation dedicated to the incubation and acceleration of London’s most innovative street food businesses.

We believe that the food on our streets should be filled with incredible, diverse, slap-you-round-the-face-it’s-so-good flavour, and that the talented traders behind it should have the best chance possible to do what they love, develop their businesses and, ultimately, succeed from the kerb up.

Moving our traders steadily through the 4 stages of our ecosystem – from inKERBator to KERB Alumni – is our expertise and focus. Through the opportunities for trading and exposure provided by our markets, public events and #kerbcaters arm (front of house) and the many business services we offer (back of house), our members are able to grow as they move along and are supported by the KERB platform.

Our platform is strong and continues to expand because is has been built on some simple yet powerful founding principles:

  1. Amazing food
  2. Talented people
  3. Professional practices
  4. Transforming city spaces

Behind the scenes