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Komodo USA provides abacus-based math learning programs for children five through 12 years. Komodo has multiple centers in Virginia and Maryland. Students learn basic arithmetic starting with simple single digit arithmetic operations through more advanced arithmetic operations. With practice, students will be able to do complex math calculations in their heads faster than using a calculator.

With Komodo's personalised approach, children will learn to solve complex problems in her head without any calculators. And with speed and accuracy. Our students start learning on the Japanese Soroban abacus and rapidly learn to visualize a problem and make a mental image of the abacus. In a few weeks, they learn to do problems mentally without relying on abacus.

Age Based Learning

We have two programs that are tailored to your child's age and grade.

Grades K-2 : Mini Dragons
Grades 3-7 : Ninja Dragons

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