Careers at Landit

Landit is a technology platform created to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace, and to enable enterprises to attract, develop, and retain high-potential diverse talent.

More than 40 million professional women find themselves at a career crossroads. Whether they are looking to transition to a new opportunity, re-engage in the formal workplace, or excel in their current role, they all face and ask the same question: Where do I start? The lack of a solution to this challenge has led to the largest decline in history of women not engaged or fully engaged in the workplace. Experienced, professional women represent one of the largest untapped resources for corporations and small businesses. Increasing the participation of women in the U.S. workforce by 5 percent can have a nearly $1 trillion dollar impact on the economy.

Landit has created a platform to unlock the potential of millions of women by providing the tools, connections and resources to enable them to realize the full measure of their talent and skills.

Behind the scenes