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Le Bureau

Careers at Le Bureau

Le Bureau is the boutique co-working space in Battersea!

Based in Battersea Studios on Silverthorne Road, we first opened our doors over a decade ago – providing office space, desks, meeting rooms and support facilities to small local businesses in a beautifully designed space.

Co-working was a novel concept back then, so we cautiously opened up with 45 desks. Those filled quickly and encouraged us to double in size to 90 desks – and again we were delighted that the extra desks were taken up very quickly.

So in 2014 we more than doubled our space in Battersea Studios and we now provide 220 desks to more than 90 small businesses.

Some of our “Members” have been co-working with us with us from the outset, some have just joined. Some are sole traders, some are teams of 6-8. All are thriving local small businesses. All chose Le Bureau because of the facilities we provide – but stay because of the community we host.

We host architects, recruiters, web designers, graphic designers, PR agencies, financiers, journalists, events managers, and much much more – a really diverse and interesting collection of energetic small businesses. The social and professional interactions help create a wonderful vibe.

We try to support this by hosting regular events for Members – ranging from the “professional” with clinics on topics such as HR, Law and more, to the purely social such as wine tastings, the Christmas Party or the summer Sports Day.

Behind the scenes