Careers at LeanPath

Food waste is one of the world's most pressing challenges. It harms the environment, contributes to global hunger, and if you're a food service organization, it hurts your bottom line. LeanPath was founded in 2004 with a straightforward yet monumental mission: To end avoidable food waste in our world

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, powerful data science, and a proven Culinary Team Empowerment Program, LeanPath helps organizations understand exactly how and why food is being wasted, then take decisive action to achieve real, measurable results.

The future of food service will be won by organizations that can harness the power of technology to make data-driven decisions. It will be won by those that arm their teams with the people-friendly tools they need to maximize productivity and minimize waste. It will be won by innovators that realize wasted food is a wasted opportunity.

LeanPath pioneered the use of smart technology to address food waste in 2004, and have blazed the trail of innovation ever since. Today, our global team of technologists, culinary professionals, and sustainability experts are helping organizations minimize waste and maximize profits around the globe.

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