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Learn Forward

Careers at Learn Forward

London-based startup working with publishers, schools and HE / FE institutions to bring digital educational content to teachers in a pedagogically meaningful way. We have developed a technology to power a new generation of digital textbooks and students in 3 European countries are using it daily (UK, Germany & Romania). Think a marriage of in-browser native content and simple classroom-management tools in a collaborative space. Or better head towards our website and try it out for yourself.

In 2017 we are launching HYPERSAY, a new tool for teachers, lecturers and conference speakers to use their powerpoint files and engage their audience using real-time interactions. It's pretty neat, check it out at https://hypersay.com

We also have a video about Hypersay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG0o6Xmp0Jc

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