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Who are we?

Learning Lions is a non-profit organization founded in Turkana county (Kenya) focused on the selection, education and training of young adults in order to gift them with high value skills in the areas of:- Software development, Graphic Design and Media Production.

Volunteer With Us

Spend between two and six months in one of the most remote areas of East-Africa mentoring a team of young adults on their way to become entrepreneurs on the global digital market. Build up a relationship with bright African minds, and enable them to have a successful career, without having to leave their home region.

Apart from a live changing experience you will receive free full board and lodging and live with us in our new ICT Campus in Loropip/Lake Turkana.

About Learning Lions

The ultimate goal of Learning Lions is to reduce the high unemployment rate in impoverished rural areas of Eastern Africa and enable talented and motivated young adults to work and live a better life full of perspective in their region of origin. Ultimately, Learning Lions with the help of Startup Lions should provide young adults the tools for entrepreneurship and lead them to economic independence.

This is especially relevant in rural areas such as Turkana County (North Kenya) where usual sources of income such as agriculture or manufacturing are extremely limited due to infertile soil and poor infrastructure. But with the chance of having internet access!

The skills taught by Learning Lions in combination with the possibility to market them online (Startup Lions), perfectly respond to a growing demand for simple ICT and Media tasks for the regional and international markets and the growing awareness of (corporate) social responsibility.

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Escape's take on Learning Lions

Learning Lions are revolutionising career prospects in Africa for young people, giving them the training and support they need to build transferable skills in tech, whilst allowing them to remain in their local communitites. This innovative approach reduces 'brain drain' and boost real life prospects of those in traditionally disadvantaged areas by allowing them to become employees in the global domain. In an increasingly remote and technically oriented world, Learning Lions are making sure that opportunity is more equally distributed and raiding living standarsds at the same time. Not only is their mission revolutionary, but the results speak for themselves, helping hundreds of young people through their training and giving them the skills they need to become entrepreneurs in their own communities. If you're looking for an opportunity to build great career prospects to areas of rural africa, and a great team culture and group of peers to do it with, look no further than Learning Lions.

Stats we are proud of

  • 200

    young talents received intense, life-changing IT education

  • 50

    jobs created

  • 10x

    income increase as compared to local average

  • 2m€

    cumulated purchasing power injected in local economy

Behind the scenes