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“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life-and travel- leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks on your body or on your heart-are beautiful.” Anthony Bourdain


Leave UR Mark is a social enterprise that serves volunteers, interns, and travelers from around the world that want to come to India and work on career development as well as positive community growth through local initiatives. We work with professional organizations, start-ups, non-profits, and NGOs that are working for the betterment of India. Each experience is a unique look into India’s fascinating culture and growth. Every intern or volunteer feels changed in some capacity through their time with us.

Our Mission

Leave UR Mark aims to be the leader in India for meaningful internship and volunteer experiences for all types of travelers coming to India, while positively growing the communities and projects we work on. We are focused on training the next generation of leaders and change-makers that will engage with India more intimately and discover their own passion, become completely immersed, and have a hands-on learning experience that is impactful for all involved.

Who goes abroad with us?

Leave UR Mark gets a diverse group of change-makers from practically every country in the world that come to India for their first or second time. We welcome students, graduates, gap year travelers, university professors, career transitioners, travel groups, retirees, and everyone else in between. A love for India and an inclination to grow yourself and the world around you is the common denominator for all participants.

How is Leave UR Mark different from other organizations?

Leave UR Mark focuses solely on internships and volunteer programs in India. We are not a travel agent that provides programs in several countries. This allows us to focus more on serving the local projects that our interns and volunteers work on in India than traditional “gap year” organizations.

We are a small organization (many of us do this voluntarily!). The contact that each applicant has with us is personalized prior to their departure in India. We meet up with potential interested interns whenever possible (in the New York tri-state area as well as Toronto, Canada). We do not spend funds on tons of marketing material but rather rely on word of mouth from former satisfied participants.

When working with the local organizations, we do not force volunteers or interns upon them (as is the case with many programs that serve orphanages around the world), but rather work in conjunction with them to see if the individual participant is a good match for their initiative. We are not concerned with the amount of people that participate, but rather the quality of their experience as well as their overall impact on our hosting organizations and India as a whole.

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