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Careers at LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow is a team of growers, engineers, plant scientists, software developers and business experts, who all care deeply about food and the environment. Together we design and build aeroponic technology and farm management software for indoor and vertical farms. We believe careful innovation in farming can make the world a better place.

Our technology reduces the environmental impact of agriculture and makes farmers’ lives easier. We are dedicated to making sustainable farming a sustainable business. We want to ensure that the farmers, growers and entrepreneurs who are choosing this eco-friendly method of growing food can rely on a stable and profitable business model. We aim to improve our food system and help mitigate climate change by actively working towards a future where affordable, healthy food can be grown and accessed locally.

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Escape's take on LettUs Grow

Ever seen an indoor, vertical farm? Well now is your chance. Bristol-based LettUs Grow’s innovative & patented aeroponic technology allows anyone, anywhere, to grow delicious food - and that ain't all. Indoor or vertical farming grows crops in stacked layers, overall reducing food miles, water use, pesticide use and reducing pressure on soils. In addition to their ingenious name, building a sustainable farming future and getting their B-Corp certification, LettUs Grow is a remote-first company that offers flexible schedules and people-first benefits.

Stats we are proud of

  • 95

    95% less water & fertiliser than traditional agriculture

  • 30

    30% water saving over hydroponics

  • 2x

    2x faster than comparable hydroponic systems

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