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Liberty Tuition is a London-based educational services company offering high quality, expert educational services including - but not limited to, private academic tuition across all ages, mentoring, home schooling, intensive revision courses, summer schools and advisory services. No matter the clients need, the team at Liberty are on hand to providing the support you need, covering all academic subjects, exam boards and entrance examinations, including:

7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, IB, BTEC and A Level.

Liberty Tuition is more than an agency. We’re an educational services company, taking pride in our aims to make private tuition accessible for all children, regardless of socioeconomic background. Our team is small, consisting of full-time tutors who’ve dedicated their professional careers to tuition. The size of our team - compared to the 100’s of tutors that can be found on most agencies books is what allows us to have such a deep relationship with out tutors, allowing us to truly know our team, and tailor their growth and development.

Our tutors are available both during and outside of the school term. Our professional educational consultants are on hand for those who wish to take a home schooling approach to their children's education - creating bespoke packages tailored to your child’s needs, delivered by our dedicated team of expert tutors. And for those who wish for their child to have a leading world class education, we have experienced international tutors able to provide just that. Our international tutors have experience in tutoring students from a range of countries including India, Singapore, France, and China - helping prepare their students for entrance examinations and ensuring they have the best chances at achieving the grades needed for their chosen schools.

We're always on the look out for valuable collaborators from a variety of fields - be it teachers, consultants, mentors or educational writers. Get in touch!

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