Careers at LocumTap

LocumTap is an exciting health tech start up providing software solutions to solve the temporary staffing challenges currently faced by the NHS and the healthcare sector in general. Our product supercharges the hospital’s staffing capabilities and reduces the barrier of entry for clinicians to book and manage their locum (temporary) shifts.

We are a team of experienced NHS professionals looking to solve some of these pressing operational challenges leveraging our experience and innovative technology. The aim is to alleviate the hospital’s chronic staffing shortages and subsequently their financial burden by reducing their reliance on other costly methods of staffing their vacancies.

Our app enables healthcare professionals (locums) to:
• Browse jobs from our partner hospitals in real-time. No more emails or cold calls.
• View important details such as job descriptions, start and end times, hourly rates and more.
• Books shifts on demand and on your own terms.
• Receive notifications of job confirmations, shift changes and new vacancies.
• Go paperless and submit electronic time-sheets directly via the app.

Our cloud based portal allows healthcare organisations (employers) to:
• Recruit locums into staff bank.
• Post and manage vacancies.
• Send automated and targeted notifications.
• Allow locums to self book.
• Access real time data-analytics.

Behind the scenes