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OUR PURPOSE - The purpose of Locus Assignments is to provide a range of online education and academic assignment consultancy services.


Provide high quality work: We maintain strict quality control standards to ensure that students always have their requirements met and can achieve high grades in their assignments. We never want any customer to feel disappointed or cheated regarding the quality of our products.

Value the customer: We pledge ourselves to take care of students starting from their moment of contact with us and until they decide to leave us. We try hard to pay full attention and dedication to every student and every order. We try to make the problems of a customer, our own.

Provide superior customer support: We believe a customer should always stay connected with the business not only during the fulfillment of order but post-completion as well. We look to create new channels for a customer to connect with us and sort queries or problems. We consider it our duty to provide full feedback and amendment support to every order until the end of time.

Fair price and no overselling: We understand that almost all our customers have huge education loans, meagre part-time salaries, or some other financial constraints. We try to charge them fairly, only for as much services as they ask for. We never force our customers to pay for products they do not need.

WHY WE EXIST - We exist to help students pass their courses and to reduce the workload of students who juggle through social life, studies and part-time jobs.

OUR MISSION - “Locus Assignments exists to provide best online assignment help and educational service by creating high quality content and superior customer support to help students excel in their courses and live a stress-free student life.”

OUR VISION - “Locus Assignments visions itself becoming the number 1 choice of students who seek help in assignments, coursework, projects, or any kind of academic writing task at college and university level.”


Communication: It is important that a customer always stays connected with a service provider. We provide a wide range of platforms where customers can reach us, track their orders, and talk to our representatives. The use of state-of-art technology to create this connection sets us apart from our competitors.

Customer retention: When a company attends to thousands of customers, it is impossible to make everyone happy. So it is for us as well. However, we always strive ourselves to achieve a 100% retention rate by valuing customer satisfaction above all else. You may or may not be satisfied with our product but you will still find yourself coming back to us for our superior customer service and support. 

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