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Love the Oceans is a non-profit marine conservation organisation supporting work in Jangamo Bay, Mozambique. Jangamo, whilst home to a huge host of marine life, has never been studied in depth for any prolonged amount of time. Love The Oceans is supporting the community to protect and study the diverse marine life found here, including many species of sharks, rays and the famous humpback whales. We use research, education and diving to drive action towards a more sustainable future. Our ultimate goal is to support the community in establishing a Marine Protected Area for the Inhambane Province in Mozambique, achieving higher biodiversity whilst protecting endangered species.

We have developed cutting edge, ethical marine conservation expeditions that give individuals the chance to get hands on conservation experience, working alongside our marine biologists doing research, community work and diving in Mozambique.

We were recently recognised as 1 of 15 global grassroots #forcesforchange by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and received international recognition for our work. In 2021 we received Blue Marine Foundation and BOAT International’s Ocean Award in the Young Initiative category and our area was established as a Mission Blue Hope Spot in recognition of our work.

Whilst we only have 2 full time paid staff members, we do have a number of people volunteering part time for us and would be open to this. Please contact us for more info.

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Love the Oceans was founded to protect vulnerable marine animals in Mozambique through a bottom-up, community-led approach to secure a more sustainable future and protect biodiversity. If you're passionate about community building, protecting our oceans and working for an organisation that is helping protect and heal our planet, there are few making such a huge impact as Love The Oceans. They are making waves - excuse the pun - and we're delighted to have them in our list, just look at their planet score!

Stats we are proud of

  • 1000+

    children taught the basics of marine resource management

  • 14

    classrooms built enabling establishment of 1st high school

  • 800+

    children taught to swim

  • 200

    international volunteers hosted in Jangamo

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